New Delhi (India), March 22: Pioneering husband-and-wife duo Prashant and Shweta Garg, known as the "Pichwai Couple," are celebrating a decade of their brand, Label Pratham. Their story began in 2004 when their love for art and design led them to create outfits for each other. Eventually, their venture blossomed into a full-fledged fashion venture in 2014.

Label Pratham aims to preserve India's rich textile heritage. Each creation reflects their commitment to reviving the vibrant art form of Pichwai, which originated in the 17th century. The label’s passion goes beyond simply replicating the past. It skillfully blends Pichwai with other traditional art forms like Kalamkari, Ajrakh, and Paithani, as well as intricate embroidery, to create a unique and contemporary style that empowers the modern Indian woman.

This dedication recently led to the opening of "Katra Pichwai," a new store in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh, inspired by the historic 'katras' (markets) of Old Delhi. While Label Pratham officially launched in 2014, Shweta and Prashant's design journey began in 2004, soon after marriage. For over a decade, they honed their craft by designing sarees for themselves and their family, driven purely by passion.

The name "Pratham," meaning "first" or "foremost," perfectly captures the essence of their spirit. They were the first to transform Pichwai into wearable art like sarees, lehengas, and jewellery.

Today, Label Pratham is a celebrated name in ethnic fashion, recognised for its iconic Pichwai sarees. These sarees blend traditional and contemporary techniques, making them a coveted piece for any wardrobe. What began as a personal passion to revive an ancient art form has blossomed into a successful brand. Label Pratham has earned a place in prestigious homes across India and played a pivotal role in establishing Pichwai sarees as a distinct and celebrated category in the fashion industry.