Label Pratham, an amalgamation of passions by Prashant and Shweta Garg began in 2011. “Pratham” translates into ‘the first’, and ‘the foremost’. Pratham's core has a beautiful tale of serendipity, of allowing oneself to be drawn towards what one really loves and the magic that follows.

Known to be pioneers in reviving the 17th century old Indian art form; PICHWAI, the designers draw inspiration from the Tales of Krishna in Pichwai and translate them into wearable art. The passion driven brand celebrates designs, love for craft and culture. Today Pratham is most recognised, for its iconic Pichwai print sarees.


Prashant and Shweta Garg - Also known as the Pichwai Couple, Prashant and Shweta started designing outfits for each other early in 2004, not realising that they would take up designing as a profession. Coming from steel-business families and with no formal training in fashion, the couple's inclination towards art and design intricacies made them form the Label in 2011.

For Prashant and Shweta, "Pratham" is a true labour of love. Each creation is motivated by their commitment towards the textile traditions of India and keeping alive the unadulterated exuberance in the design process.


Pichwai, is a 17th century intricate form of art from Nathdwara Rajasthan that celebrates the playful tales of Lord Krishna in the form of Shreenathji.

Pratham, has always been discovering and re-inventing newer ways to showcase this age-old art form of Pichwai in their creations. The label's expertise is in Pichwai inspired sarees, dupattas, paintings and jewellery. All done in different Indian weaves and weaving techniques & crafts. The Label prides itself in being crusaders of handloom sarees and have worked with Indian art forms like Warli, Ajrakh, Pichwai. The making of each saree is an intricate process of the weave being handwoven in Bengal and Bihar . The printing is then done in the heart of the capital , the pieces are then sent to Gujarat where they are completed.

Today Pratham has become the pioneer of reviving Pichwai in India and as mentioned earlier is most recognised, for its iconic Pichwai print sarees.

With women like Vidya Balan, Kokilaben Ambani & many more adorning pieces from the label, Pratham is a perfect marriage between the traditional and the contemporary.