May, 2024

Pichwai ke Rang ~ Hues of Pichwai (2018)

We take joy in honouring Label Pratham as a heritage brand that embraces the rich and unmatched diversity of our country. In our core, we are deeply rooted in India’s diverse heritage that takes into account the unique craft traditions from every corner of the country. We enjoy blending tradition with modernity, mixing playfulness with austerity, and harmonizing Rasa with Dhvani.

We brought forward this series titled 'Hues of Pichwai' with a spirit of jubilation for the Label's yet another eventful year. This year, we proudly present 'Hues of Pichwai', a collection that reflects our commitment to craftsmanship, culture, and creativity.

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April, 2024



Label Pratham, a brand celebrated for merging artistic heritage with modern style embarked on an exceptional journey in 2016, that not only redefined the traditional Indian fashion scenario but also created a lasting bequest in the realm of artistic expression.

It was the time when we unveiled our maiden Pichwai collection – a visionary endeavor that seamlessly blended the divine beauty of Pichwai art with the timeless elegance of handloom fabrics in a way which became a perfect amalgamation of traditional & contemporary.

Age old Pichwai art from Rajasthan & handloom fabrics from across India, formed the traditional part, while linen fabrics & digital printing forming the latter.

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March, 2024

Label Pratham: A Decade of Reviving Pichwai Through Wearable Art

New Delhi (India), March 22: Pioneering husband-and-wife duo Prashant and Shweta Garg, known as the "Pichwai Couple," are celebrating a decade of their brand, Label Pratham. Their story began in 2004 when their love for art and design led them to create outfits for each other. Eventually, their venture blossomed into a full-fledged fashion venture in 2014.

Label Pratham aims to preserve India's rich textile heritage. Each creation reflects their commitment to reviving the vibrant art form of Pichwai, which originated in the 17th century. The label’s passion goes beyond simply replicating the past. It skillfully blends Pichwai with other traditional art forms like Kalamkari, Ajrakh, and Paithani, as well as intricate embroidery, to create a unique and contemporary style that empowers the modern Indian woman.

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Feb, 2024


Label Pratham is now a well known name in ethnic fashion. We credit this to our sincere conviction for ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’- the ingredients that go into designing every ensemble in our studio. In the continuation of our Did You Know series, we are exploring the Pichwai painting, its origin, and core values. Here are some more intriguing facts.

The holy and sacred Cow is traditionally known as 'Dhenu', contrary to the popular belief that it is referred to as Nandi (which means a bull). Dhenu plays a significant role in the story of Krishna Lord painting and therefore forms an integral part of Pichwai painting. The impressions of hands-on Dhenu stand for blessings of Lord Krishna, his touch of love, protection, and compassion towards cowherds and their cows.

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Feb, 2024


Keeping the amusement alive, we are continuing our “Did You Know” series and enlightening every individual about the authenticity of Pichwai paintings. Label Pratham has collections of amusing handcrafted wearables that speak highly about Pichwai art, and every piece has its own story. Take a look at some of the hidden stories behind our artistic clothing.

The Pichwai paintings used to be made with natural colors extracted from flowers, leaves, coal, iron, indigo, saffron, zinc, and other natural sources. Since the makers of natural colors did not pass down the proper know-how, they got lost in time. Also, due to budget and time constraints, they were replaced with commercially available ones. Nevertheless, pure gold and other precious metals continue to be used to date.

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Feb, 2024

DID YOU KNOW ? - Part 1

Label Pratham, born in 2011, emerged as the foremost textile and wearable art brand that interacted with the vast culture of Pichwai and transformed it to its accessible material culture that has become more recognisable today. At the start, over a decade back, Pichwai sarees were unheard of, which earned the founders of the brand the eponymous name, "Pichwai Couple". Being pioneers in bringing the art of Pichwai in wearable form, we are attempting to unravel the historical facts related to this sacred art in Did You Know series

Shri Vallabhacharya, the founder of Pushtimarg, encountered the swarup of Shrinathji on Mount Govardhan, Mathura, UP. Shrinathji is considered to be a living embodiment of 8-year-old Lord Krishna, who is shown as lifting Mount Govardhan above his head with his left arm while holding his right hand by the waist. The deity was moved to its present-day location, Nathdwara, Rajasthan in 1670 & later a shrine known as "Shrinathji ki Haveli" was built in 1672.

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Jan, 2024

Pichwai Paithani

Label Pratham, a heritage brand, takes pride in the country's unparalleled diversity. Through our decade-long journey in the world of textiles and Indian craft, we have discovered and interacted with various handloom and textile traditions of the country. In all these journeys, what appeared common was the deep relevance textiles still held in our living traditions - marriages, rituals, pujas, and other such ceremonies. These occasions are incomplete without adorning traditional wear that communicates unwritten messages and codes of conduct. It is a precious, intimate relationship people share with their cultural handloom and textiles; nearly sacred, and an undeniably strong attachment with one’s identity amidst the bustling diversity of our country.

At Label Pratham’s studio, we have forever been committed to aesthetic cultural roots that take into account these unique weaving traditions of every region. We have spent innumerable moments with weavers and craftspeople, exploring textiles and soaking in the stories behind them. It's crucial to understand that textile traditions are mainly about remembering things. They rely on the strength of memory, repeating patterns, and making designs that look back in time.

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Jan, 2024

Velveteen - The Textured Tales of Pichwai

Introducing Label Pratham’s winter collection Velveteen- “The textured Tales of Pichwai”, which is a perfect symphony of velvet and rustic charm of tussar, providing sophisticated and comfortable silhouettes. Our Velveteen collection regards the modest blend of retro outfits, elegance, a versatile palette of vibrant colors, and the charm of Pichwai art. Pichwai art, which hails from Rajasthan is an alluring composition of culture and art.

The vibrant and majestic colors bring the authenticity of earth, nature, and components of Lord’s life. Keeping this fascinating art alive, our artisans at Label Pratham bring amazingly crafted clothing which is a blend of tussar & velvet fabrics.

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Apr, 2020


In its entirety, the Universe exists in a harmonious rhythm, and so does nature. The elements, each with a unique characteristic and role to play, come together to create life and magic from opposite ends.As fire burns, water cools. As the sun rises, the moon goes down. For the earth below, there's a sky above. Yet, they all exist as one. One planet and one universe to contain our myriad hearts and souls. The ancient sages spoke of balance as the great equaliser.

The art of recognising proportions. The intuition of realizing when to pursue beyond definitions.The wisdom of knowing when to stop. Since the beginning of time itself, therefore, humans have worshipped the earth and the forces of nature, the universe, the elements, the mystery of life and death.In multiple ways but as one spirit.

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Apr, 2020

Label Pratham ~ To Where It All Began

We are going through an unprecedented phase of change and societal upheaval. As we post this, we are writing from a period of quarantine put in place to fight Covid19. Suddenly, we as a collective are pushed into a slower pace of doing things, which takes us back to the beginning of our work, down the memory lanes, especially now that spring is round the corner– the season of rejuvenation, birth and creativity. Over a decade ago when we had started out as self-taught designers, we were drawn to the old world charm of Pichwai art of Nathdwara which stands behind the scenes, providing a backdrop to the looming presence of Sreenathji.This journey into an unexplored world of traditional art was a challenge of diving deep into the unknown. Yet, it was nothing less than a magical tale of serendipity and discovery.

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