Draped in Devotion


Label Pratham, a brand celebrated for merging artistic heritage with modern style embarked on an exceptional journey in 2016, that not only redefined the traditional Indian fashion scenario but also created a lasting bequest in the realm of artistic expression.

It was the time when we unveiled our maiden Pichwai collection – a visionary endeavor that seamlessly blended the divine beauty of Pichwai art with the timeless elegance of handloom fabrics in a way which became a perfect amalgamation of traditional & contemporary.

Age old Pichwai art from Rajasthan & handloom fabrics from across India, formed the traditional part, while linen fabrics & digital printing forming the latter.


The introduction of Pichwai art-inspired sarees marked a crucial moment for Label Pratham and the Indian fashion industry as a whole, as soon, we realized we didn't just present a new collection; we introduced a whole new category of sarees – Pichwai Sarees – to the Indian market.

We showcased exquisite Print Pichwai Sarees featuring traditional Indian Fabric Patterns, capturing the essence of rich cultural heritage and intricate designs.

As our collection made its debut, it didn't take long for it to capture the spotlight and become a sensation. The collection drew attention from a diverse range of clients. From Bollywood celebrities, to industrial magnates and discerning individuals from the fashion, art, politics, theatre fraternity & elite class, our sarees became coveted symbols of elegance and sophistication.

The success of the Pichwai collection of sarees can be attributed to the innovative techniques used in creating these masterpieces. Each saree featured hand-drawn digital prints inspired from Paintings of Shreenath Ji meticulously applied onto handwoven linen and tussar linen fabrics. They were then finished with hand block ajrakh cotton fabrics & Handloom Blouse Fabric as blouse pieces.

The quality of these prints was so exceptional, that clients often mistook them for Handpainted Pichwai Sarees.


The differentiating element in the collection was storytelling element embedded within each saree. Inspired by the enchanting tales of Lord Shreenathji, (who is an eight year old form of Lord Krishna & worshipped in the holy town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan) and aptly named "Draped in Devotion," every motif on our sarees captured the essence of Rajasthani Pichwai Paintings and cultural richness, resonating with audiences across the nation.

जनम जनम की पूँजी पाई
जग में सभी खोवायो
पायो जी मैने राम रतन धन पायो

The story of Lord Krishna is closely tied to the Rajput Princess Meera, one of the most iconic Bhakti poets and saints. Her love for the Lord, led her to reject her role as wife and queen and instead wander the deserts of Rajasthan singing songs in praise of the Lord. It is through Meera’s character, the wife, the princess and the saint that we showcased this nuanced collection of Pichwai Art Work sarees.


The impact of our collection was further amplified by the strategic decision to shoot it in Vrindavan. The sacred land, steeped in mythology and tradition, provided the perfect settings to bring our vision to life. From the buzzing streets to the serene banks of the Yamuna River frequented with hermits, each location added depth and authenticity to our narrative, enhancing the overall experience for our audience. Against the backdrop of temples, palaces and ghats, the vibrancy of our sarees stood out in stark contrast, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Indian culture and craftsmanship.


In the years that followed, Label Pratham achieved remarkable milestones, including popularizing Pichwai Print Sarees as a distinguished category within the fashion industry. By integrating Pichwai with other revered art forms and crafts such as Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Paithani, Jamdani, Batik, Handpaint & embroideries like Aari and Ahir, Label Pratham ensured that every Indian woman can embody the essence of a diva, adorned in aesthetically rich fashion.