Pichwai Ke Rang ~ Hues of Pichwai


We take joy in honouring Label Pratham as a heritage brand that embraces the rich and unmatched diversity of our country. In our core, we are deeply rooted in India’s diverse heritage that takes into account the unique craft traditions from every corner of the country. We enjoy blending tradition with modernity, mixing playfulness with austerity, and harmonizing Rasa with Dhvani.

We brought forward this series titled 'Hues of Pichwai' with a spirit of jubilation for the Label's yet another eventful year. This year, we proudly present 'Hues of Pichwai', a collection that reflects our commitment to craftsmanship, culture, and creativity.

At the heart of our collection lies the timeless allure of Pichwai art, beautifully translated onto the canvas of a saree. Each creation tells a story of skilful craftsmanship and cultural richness.

Let's deep dive into the essence of our collection:

Ajrakh - The Blueprint of the Universe:

Ajrakh craftsmanship beautifully reflects the poetic tale of the Sindh (Indus). Its geometrical patterns, clustered together like constellations, are the craftsman's tactile representation of the universe. In our studio, we have blended the spiritual aesthetics of Pichwai and Ajrakh together to develop a new and exciting design idiom unique to our studio. All laid out perfectly on the body of a saree, the garment of our inspiration.

Paithani - The Song of Heirloom:

The regal Paithani weave has traversed through the lanes of history since the 2nd century BC. Intricately woven with silk, and gold and silver zari, it exudes ornateness. In our studio, it was reborn with the essence of Pichwai art and aesthetics. PichwaiPaithani represents Label Pratham's proud fusion of tradition with innovation, spanning time and space, and blending elements of royalty and religion.

Batik - The Journey of Creativity:

Batik, an ancient form of resist wax dyeingwas practised traditionally by the Khatri community of Gujarat. Once it became a part of the syllabus of Rabindranath Tagore's Vishwabharati in the 20th century, this resist dye technique was reborn like a phoenix.

Batik's revival intersects with Pichwai art in our studio. This fusion represents India's rich cultural diversity and craft versatility.

Printing - The Wings to an Artist's Imagination:

The rise of Textile printing enabled production houses to bring to life customized designs and imagery from an artist's palette. Printing ensures quality and a rich variety of colours and patterns. It has given wings to the artist's imagination and become integral part of our studio aesthetic. There was a strong urge to amalgamate traditional (Pichwai art and handwoven fabric) along with contemporary (modern-day printing techniques). Our Pichwai collections, initiated in 2015, seamlessly blend traditional art with modern printing techniques that have become our signature style and identity that Label Pratham is recognised by today.

Hand Painting - The Worldview of an Artist:

India's unique textile history is incomplete without talking about hand painted fabrics. It is common to see our weaves delicately painted with beautiful motifs that range from flora, fauna, religious iconography, geometrical patterns to humans and architecture.At Label Pratham, contemporary artists enhance Pichwai art with their unique perspectives, creating wearable art pieces.

Our ‘Hues of Pichwai’ collection, is an assortment of colours, patterns, weaves and textures that celebrate the cultural traditions & rich handicrafts of India. From the royal elegance of Paithani silk sarees to the exotic batik sarees, every piece is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, creativity and cultural heritage. So, if you are looking for a timeless elegance for your wardrobe, explore our collection today.