Ode to Mother Earth


यां रक्षन्त्यस्वप्ना विश्वदानीं
देवा भूमिं पृथिवीमप्रमादम्

I meditate on the Earth which is sleeplessly protected by the devas with vigilance because she is the Universal giver and all life forms depend on Her.

Our planet is undergoing a lot of extreme changes. Due to large-scale deforestation, several animal species are going extinct and climate change is real. Our actions have created an imbalance in the ecosystem and now it is a call to action, urging us to cherish and protect the Earth at all costs.

At Label Pratham, we find great inspiration from nature and our new collection is another attempt at showcasing the same.

In an interesting blend of culture, fashion and environmental consciousness, we at Label Pratham recently unveiled our latest collection - 'Ode to Mother Earth', which is an effort for us to advocate for environmental consciousness. This collection reminds us of our deep roots in nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Designed with exquisite Pichwai patterns in organza fabrics, the saree collection is a timeless glory of Pichwai craftsmanship. Set against the backdrop of Delhi’s Parthasarathy Rocks, the images captures the essence of environmental harmony.

Nature is changing clothes once again. The earth is fertile, she is oozing produce. There is calmness in the air. The sun radiates warmth. The moon lights our paths with silvery hues. And we, earthly mortals, pay our homage to Mother Earth.

Through storytelling, we creatively interpret the elements -- earth, sky, sun and moon, as each of these elements are adorned in unique sarees each. The timeless beauty of Pichwai art finds a new expression in these sarees, which symbolizes the harmony of tradition and modernity. The use of organza adds modern touches, catering to a younger audience while preserving cultural heritage and the colour palette of the collection, from soothing pastels to vibrant colours, reflects nature itself. Each saree is a fabric with intricate patterns and delicate craftsmanship through which the beauty of our planet is celebrated.


As we enter the month of Kartika, we offer worship to the soil. To the earth, from where all life originates, and to where we all return. To Bhumi, our mother, who sustains us, who gives birth to all life, whose soil we till and plant our food on, who blends with the ether and the sun to turn our wondrous planet green. To Bhumi, our mother, we pray!


As seasons turn sides, the sky changes form. And colour. The horizon, is a deep pink or saffron, depending on how the breeze arrives.

The sky and the way it touches the earth tenderly is a timeless song of love. That heralds the birth of all living beings -- the farms, ripe and green; the flowers lining the margins of a pond; the trees of infinite lifetimes. To the sky, our Father, we pray!


The sun peeks out and begins a new day. A fresh dawn, signifying new beginnings, closing chapters that have been lived through.

He is the reason behind the green that grows on Mother Earth. He helps all foliage prepare food for the sustenance of all living creatures. To the sun, our strength, our vibrant companion in the high skies!


As the sun bids farewell to mortal beings, the moon walks out of her room. She is quiet, she is restrained. She shines with radiance, though, with silver streaks that magically light up the darkness.

Unlike her brother, the moon interacts less with living beings. Instead, she plays with the waters that are born of the sky -- rivers, seas, and oceans. On her strongest nights, she pulls up tides with her incantations and helps sea creatures to thrive. On her quietest nights, she hides behind a cloak of stars and gives darkness a chance. To the moon, our poet, the magician of the high skies!

In a world where fashion often reflects ephemeral trends, Label Pratham's 'Ode to Mother Earth' stands as a timeless testament to nature's enduring beauty and enduring creative spirit. We decorate ourselves not only with fabric but with a deeper connection to the world around us.