In its entirety, the Universe exists in a harmonious rhythm, and so does nature. The elements, each with a unique characteristic and role to play, come together to create life and magic from opposite ends.As fire burns, water cools. As the sun rises, the moon goes down. For the earth below, there's a sky above. Yet, they all exist as one. One planet and one universe to contain our myriad hearts and souls.The ancient sages spoke of balance as the great equaliser. The art of recognising proportions. The intuition of realizing when to pursue beyond definitions.The wisdom of knowing when to stop.

Since the beginning of time itself, therefore, humans have worshipped the earth and the forces of nature, the universe, the elements, the mystery of life and death.In multiple ways but as one spirit. The spirit of humanity. We, as the seekers of light, of love and of the truth – above all else.

The earth existsin sync with the heavenly bodies of the universe.She offers each one of her children the gift of life. In her arms, we cherish the wonders of the world. The curious ways of creatures big and small.We till the soil, blessed by the sun and the rain. We rear seaweeds, blessed by the moon and the tide. We churn dreams, blessed by the clear blue sky.In return, we offer mother earth a portion of the crops we reap for our granaries. We shed the sweat of labour on the flower beds. For every fruit we savour, we save its seeds for the forest.And the harvest, one done, we must let the soil sleep a while.

Nature gives selflessly. The earth protects, nurtures, rejuvenates and creates in an endless, circular cycle. It is signified by fresh beginnings and meaningful closures. All in rhythmic cycles, along with the heavenly bodies of the universe.

As the earth gives, so must we receive. With an open heart, bereft of greed, in silent understanding of balance and harmony. When she gives, we must receive with open arms and gratitude.There is wisdom is knowing how to receive. There is wisdom in recognising our needs and knowing when to stop. There is great love in sharing mother earth's resources. To thrive as a community.

Our collection centred on the theme and concept of nature and oneness took inspiration from the world around us in terms of colour palette. Soft greens, vibrant blues, earthy beige and mystic white. With traditional Pichwai floral motifs sprawled across the surface of the garments, the Mother Earth textile collection united the world of Pichwai with organic yarn and weaving culture of Indian handloom. Comprising of sarees and lehengas/skirts with complimentary blouses, we explored a slightly more muted aesthetics keeping in mind the need to convey an atmospheric sense of hues, textures and feel of the textile on our skin.

To a world of unity and natural communion, therefore, we raise a toast. To the beauty and integrity of handloom, of ancient wisdom, and of art we raise a toast. To mother earth, who, in all her bounty, through all the seasons, keeps her off-springs well-fed and looked after, we owe a lifetime of apology and gratitude. To mother earth, we pledge our efforts to return back to the roots we so carelessly left behind in greed. For the justice of life in all its forms. Amen!